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Valuing Toilets

Who cares about toilets?...

...3.6 billion people do. Because they don’t have one.*

We should all care more about toilets. If you have one, thank it. Life without a toilet is dirty, dangerous and undignified.  

Public health depends on toilets. Toilets also drive improvements in gender equality, education, economics and the environment.

There will be no sustainable future without toilets. Governments must work four times faster and ensure toilets for all by 2030.


*3.6 billion people do not have access to a safely managed sanitation service (WHO/UNICEF 2021).

9 reasons why

Show you care

Here are nine reasons to thank your toilet. Can you think of more?

World Toilet Day is all about celebrating toilets for everything they do for us – from taking away our waste to protecting our health, safety and dignity.

Billions of people still don’t have a safe toilet. If you’re lucky enough have one, say thanks and give it some love!

Show us how much you care about toilets by joining the #WorldToiletDay conversation on social media.

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What is being done?

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