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COVID-19 means that the way we connect with family, friends and colleagues has changed. Online tools are becoming more popular and real-life events are being more carefully managed to keep people safe. Whatever you do, please share using #WorldToiletDay

Online activities

Fortunately there are many tools available – often with little or no cost – that can be used to take your event, discussion or community online. We have collated a small selection of resources that might help you get the message out, even if you can’t get together.

Video streaming 

You can present to an audience online and interact with their comments on a few different platforms. Which one you use will depend on your audience. Here are some examples:

Document sharing 

Resources such as presentations, spreadsheets, posters and publications can be shared quite easily. Many of these options include a free tier. Here are some examples:

Community building

Discussion and organisation might be the most important part of your online event. These are some examples of services that will help bring your people together and drive the narrative:

The links mentioned on this page are just a small selection of tools available. We do not endorse any particular product. We simply offer these links as advice. What online communications tools do you use? Let us know using #WorldToiletDay.

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