World Toilet Day in Limonade Haiti with Pure Water for the World

This year Pure Water for the World organized a two day event in the North of Haiti, just outside of the city of Cap Haitien, in Limonade. We currently have a project for 15 local area schools to construct latrines, provide water filtrers and hygiene and sanitation education. We organized the event to take place in one of these schools. The school was named Ecole Immaus de Pister and had 60 students from local area schools to participate in the event. The second day we interacted with the community and the parents were invited.

1- First day:
 Dialogue with children on the importance of toilets
 Organization and execution of the construction contest of model cardboard latrines
 Music and videos about Handwashing and Cholera ,

2- Second day:
 Exhibition of two model cardboard latrines constructed by PWW employees
 Exhibition of the four artisanal latrine models made in cardboard by the students for their parents
 Dance/skit prepared by the students for the community
 Cholera story delivered by our WASH Trainers
 Vote with the parents of the students for the latrines that they designed with a celebration event with prizes
 Dialogue with parents on the importance of having a latrine or toilet at their homes

Date(s) - 16/11/2017 - 17/11/2017
All Day

Ecole Immaus de Pister

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