The Shit Museum was founded in Lombardy in 2015, designed to be a production centre not only of ideas and exhibitions, but also of objects and projects.

The idea came into being on a farm in Castelbosco. Here, 3,500 specially selected cows produce around 50,000 litres of milk and 150,000 kilos of dung – every day. This quantity of excreta started to be transformed into a futuristic ecological, productive and cultural project. Using innovative systems, electrical energy started to be produced from the manure. Today, the farm produces up to three megawatts per hour.

The museum is also home of the invention Merdacotta┬«. A material used to give shape to various objects – redesigning the cycle of nature in a virtuous circle, constituting essential elements of contemporary living.┬á

Photo credit: designmilk via / CC BY-SA