Interested in public education? On World Toilet Day each year, Wikipedia always sees an uptick in clicks on topics related to toilets and sanitation in general. The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) could use your help in upgrading information all those curious readers will find when they go to Wikipedia on 19 November 2017.

You can help make water and sanitation articles more readable, comprehensive and accurate. Email [email protected] to express interest or ask questions. (They say they respond within 24 hours:  test them !)  You can also go directly to the Meetup Page on Wikipedia to read the list of recommended articles and register as a “Sanitation Wikipedia” editor. This means your contributions will be logged to the project’s “Outreach Dashboard.”

As a special incentive, SuSanA will use that dashboard to award a few $500 honorariums on World Toilet Day. SuSanA wants to acknowledge especially strong contributions:  both quality and quantity of edits matter.  They have a special interest in recruiting editors who are from developing countries, women, MSc or PhD students.

Raising knowledge and awareness about sanitation topics is one step toward accomplishing Sustainable Development Goal Number 6: water and sanitation for all.

Photo credit: Kalexanderson / CC BY-NC-SA