As World Toilet Day is fast approaching November 19th 2017, teachers, students and children around the world are invited to celebrate this momentous day with pS Eau through fun and exciting web games, and interactive online tools that all center around this year’s theme: wastewater.

Explore the pS-Eau tools available online, in the free database.

To ease your search among 120 tools, you can find below a classification by type of tools:

==> Posters, visual aid

==> Press article, Notes

==> Online courses, MOOC

==> Phone Applications

==> Films video (on the web)

==> Booklets, pamphlets, Audio

==> Manuals, Guides, Books, Reports


Education tools for children:

==> Educational material

==> Stories, tales

==> Comics

==> Cartoons

==> Games


Photo credits: MEWR – Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources – Singapore