Tinkle World Toilet Day Campaign

South Africa is still below the average for countries with adequate sanitation with just over 68% of people having access to decent working facilities, and we cannot make our women and girls wait any longer… That is why, on this World Toilet Day, Saturday 19 November, the Go Tinkle team will be going into Khayelitsha to hand out Tinkles for free to every girl and woman who wants one.

What we do out in Khayelitsha on World Toilet Day may not have much immediate impact on the lives of the people, but hopefully the issue gets to your ears and to your hearts and it motivates us all to do something about it. We’re not expecting everyone to suddenly jump up and start building sanitation for the underprivileged, or to start donating mega bucks to the cause, we just want you to know that the issue exists, and that it is real.

Date(s) - 19/11/2016
All Day


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