We must break the taboos!

Access to toilets is a luxury most people living in developed countries take for granted, but did you know that 2.4 billion people lack access to toilets? And that more people have cell phones than toilets? As a consequence, girls quit school when they get their period and risk being raped looking for safe places to pee. It is estimated that girls and women around the world use 97 million hours each year looking for a safe place to go to the toilet.

Fivas in collaboration with Spire Ås wants to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis – a topic often neglected and shrouded in taboos. For this reason we are arranging a panel debate to celebrate the World Toilet Day, toilets and the many different roles they play in improving the lives of people around the world,

Date(s) - 22/11/2016
18 h 00 min - 20 h 00 min

Norwegian University of Life Science

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Universitetstunet 3, 1430 Ås, Akershus