Hi, Greetings of the day… This is regarding INVENTION of a new Toilet seat that will revolutionize the way we use toilet. I passionately think about improving Toilet usage. Men sometimes pee into commode without lifting the seat. The next user or ladies find it very unhygienic and embarrassing to sit on a soiled seat. It is truly uncivilized on part of men to soil the toilet seat while peeing. In addition in India we use water spray to clean buttocks and not toilet paper. This splatters water on seat.The next user finds it very embarrassing to sit on a soiled seat. After thinking for years I find there is an easy solution to solve this problem. I can make the seat operated by a foot lever instead of lifting by hand. This will facilitate everyone to use foot for LIFTING seat rather than using hand..Using foot is more logical and hygienic. It is better and more civilized to use feet rather than hand for lifting seat. All you have to do is fix a pedal (Like a car brake or foot lever) to the rear bottom side of the Seat. It is very easy to attach a foot lever for lifting the seat. Just Imagine how hygienic & convenient train travelers, public toiler users would feel, if this is implemented world wide. Pls let me know if somebody can help me make a prototype of this SEAT and project it to the entire world how I developed a new concept which is more LOGICAL AND HYGIENIC. I guess a can make this world a better place to live in by implementing this project. I can explain the concept on 18th and 19th Noc 2016.
From Shankar Dhanashri 2-2-1105/82, Flat 403 , Royal Residency Tilak Nagar Hyderabad- 500027 , INDIA sdhanashri@gmail.com +919393002227

Date(s) - 18/11/2016 - 19/11/2016
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2-2-1105/82 Flat 403 Royal Residency
Tilak nagar, Nallkunta Hyderabad