Event with children and teachers on world toilet day with the theme "workplace must have a toilet to use"

Mahila Margadarshi Srikakulam organized an event on 19th November 2016 on the occasion of “World Toilet Day” at ZPH School, Akkulapeta Village in Amadalavalasa Mandal in Srikakulam District with a theme of Workplace must have a toilet facility, Akkulapeta is an ODF village declared on 2nd October 2016. The event starts at 10.15 am with 156 children, 8 teachers, 4 staff and 22 villagers.

• Mr K V Satyanarayana-DEE-SBM, RWSS, Srikakulam
• Ms P Rojarani, MPDO, Amadalavalasa
• Mr M A Haeeb, EORD, Amadalavalasa
• Mr V Lakshmana Rao, HM, ZPH School, Akkulapeta
• Mr Ch Kameswara Rao, Mandal Coordinator, Sakshara Bharat
• Mr T Chandra Sekhar, Sarpanch, Akkulapeta

The event inaugurated with the welcome address by Mr B Sai Satyanarayana PC, WASH, he explained about the importance of World Toilet Day and discussed about the year’s theme that is “Toilets and Jobs” as part of the year’s theme Mahila Margadarshi focussed on workplace must have a toilet to use everyone without any discrimination

Mr K V Satyanarayana DEE SBM was explained about the importance of toilet in workplace and household, he requested all the participants to use toilets at household level as well as the workplace like schools, Government Offices, Banks, Post Offices, NREGS worksites etc., and also requested the head of the institutions to make available of toilets without discrimination with caste, creed and gender.

Ms Rojarani, MPDO, Amadalavalasa block explained to the participants about the health factors if not using the toilets, she requested the children to make aware of their parents to construct and usage of toilet at household and also informed that the toilet should use everyone in the house

All the participants delivered their message to the children and participants

The responsible heads of the institutions agreed to make available of toilets at workplaces with a usable condition and will allow all the workers / children and other who are working at the institutions

An oath was taken up from all the participants they must use toilet everywhere and they never go for open defecation as well as open urinals.

The event was concluded at 1.15 pm with the vote of thanks by Cluster Organizer of Mahila Margadarshi

Date(s) - 19/11/2016
10 h 15 min - 13 h 15 min


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ZPH School, Akkulapeta