Lina Kumari, from Bihar state, India, is a campaigner for better sanitation, and her husband, Nandan,

works as a sanitation entrepreneur in a programme set up by PSI and Unliever’s Domestos Toilet Academy, with support from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Nandan’s job is to encourage people to buy toilets, which is vital work in a place like Bihar where an estimated 80% of rural households do not have a toilet.

Lina and her husband believe there should be a toilet in every house in India. “People should be educated not to defecate in the open,” Lina explains. “Defecation in the open spreads many infectious diseases. We want the whole country to be hygienic.”

Thanks to the efforts of people like Lina and Nandan, over 70,000 household toilets have been installed and over 350,000 people have gained improved access to a toilet since 2015.

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Photo credit: Unilever