World Toilet Day is everyone’s business: Nestlé’s WASH Pledge success story explains it all

Nestlé factories, like all factories, depend on the people who make them run. Healthy, motivated people fill the workplace with energy and productivity – and that is essential for business.

Nestlé helped launch the WASH at the Workplace Pledge, led by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), which commits companies to guaranteeing access to WASH for employees in direct operations within three years.

Having now reached the end of the three-year implementation cycle, Nestlé is sharing its experiences and best practice on how companies can implement the WASH Pledge.

Read more about how the WASH Pledge has been pioneered by Nestlé Central America here, as part of a detailed Nestlé WASH Pledge implementation case study available for download on the WBCSD website.

Photo credit: Nestlé