Arsh Mogre, a 15-year-old student from Mumbai, India has long been interested in political affairs. With India’s new Prime Minister Narenda Modi launching the “Clean India Campaign” Arsh is determined to see citizens take action towards improving sanitation. Arsh believes that “in order to have successful government, citizens need to support social activities, and establish trust with their leaders.” This world toilet day Arsh is working to bring politicians, celebrities, and citizens together to raise awareness about the importance of sanitation. Using the I Love Toa – pimp your toilet campaign previously used by WaterAid Sweden, Arsh will be working with his community to increase awareness around the importance of sanitation.

Arsh is passionate about ending open defecating and bringing safe toilets to all. He says “sanitation is a basic necessity, yet many people in India need to defecate openly. In many schools, toilets are broken or don't exist. This impacts mostly on girls who don’t go to school. We all have a right to education. All of us should … no need to come together to clean India, otherwise nothing will change.” Join us in following the #ArshCampaign. Watch this space and follow @UN_Water @UNW_WWD @Sanitation2015