The toilet – a small but fundamental part of every-day life, wherever you live in the world. Seldom do we pause and think how much we rely on having access to a decent toilet – how it enables us to go to school, work, rest and play; how it preserves our dignity and privacy; and offers us a quiet space and time for reflection.

Inadequate sanitation remains one of the world’s most pressing development issues, often hitting women and girls the hardest. 

In an exciting new photography exhibition called ‘My Toilet’, Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)and Panos Pictures have documented women and girls and their toilets to build a visual representation of the day to day reality and the effect this has on their lives, both positive and negative. 

The images and stories show that, although the type of toilet changes from country to country, the impacts show recurring themes. Having a toilet can mean dignity, safety, education, employment, status and more wherever you are in the world. A toilet equals far more than just a toilet."

Help spread this message by sharing a picture of yourself holding up a sign with the hashtag #ToiletEquals followed by a word to describe what you think having a toilet equals for you and for millions of women and girls around the world.