Do you feel strongly about protecting human rights, health, safety, and dignity? If yes, campaigning for access to safe toilets for all is for you! Anyone can get involved! Just follow these simple steps for a successful campaign. 

Step 1: Collect information and document the problem 

In order to generate wider interest in your campaign you will need compelling information about the problem. Go beyond global information on lack of access to safe toilets and bring life to the problem within your local communities.

Step 2: Develop key messages for key audiences

To put findings of step 1 into action, develop key messages for your campaign that identify the problem, highlight opportunities for success, and propose next steps. Be sure to identify your different audiences and tailor messages accordingly.

Step 3: Mobilize stakeholders; plan events and activities

Now that your campaign is clearly defined and has strong supportive messaging, get out there and motivate, mobilize, and MOVE! Organize stimulating events and activities with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Step 4: Work with the media

On top of mobilizing stakeholder interest, plan to approach the media to communicate your campaign messages. Be sure to prepare your talking points for this. The media may be your most effective resource for creating a buzz around your campaign. 

Step 5: Monitor progress and assess impacts 

This step is frequently overlooked at the detriment of improving our campaigning efforts. If we are truly passionate about access to safe toilets for all, we must evaluate, analyze, and learn while our work is in progress (not at the end of the campaign).

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