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We, the people who can't wait

World Toilet Day is about the 2.5 billion people who

lack access to improved sanitation.

It is about the 1 billion people who have to

defecate in the open. 

It is about the women and girls who are particularly

at risk because of this situation.


And it is about you, who can't wait to change this situation.


Join the global campaign, organize your own initiative,
event, project and be part of the people who can't wait.

Be a toilet expert, raise awareness!

Check out the Water.org "Toilet Day Field Guide"

Download a toilet-poster and put it on the toilet door.

Make people know that toilets come in all shapes and sizes!

Be creative, pimp a toilet!

Host your own "I Love Toa" campaign, make local celebrities pimp a toilet and then organize an exhibition.

This is what WaterAid Sweden does. Get inspired!

Be a translator!

World Toilet Day(English), Día Mundial del Inodoro(Spanish), יום שרותים העולם(Hebrew), اليوم العالمي للمرحاض(Arabic), 세계 화장실의 날 (Korean), Welttoilettentag (German).

World Toilet Day is celebrated all over the world under a different name.

This year we focus on equality and dignity.

Share #dignity & #equality with the translation in your language with us on Twitter.


Be a filmproducer!

Check out this awesome video from wateraid
about Louie the loo
and get inspired! Any film you produce,
please share with us!

Be a World Toilet Day ambassador!

Invite your friends for dinner and let them know why #WeCantWait as 2.5 billion people do not have a toilet.

But hey, make sure you know your topic!

Here you find short and interesting reading from worldtoiletday.org

Be a ‘poo to the loo’ taker, take the pledge!

Enough of this sh*t, join UNICEF and raise your voice against open defecation.


Be a cartoonist!

Make your own cartoon and share it with us!

This is how the World Bank Group, Water and Sanitation Program does it. 

Be a sing-and-songwriter!

Write your own toilet song and share it with us!

BE inspired by this hit or by this one!



Be a Guinness record holder

The world’s longest toilet queue, a global event hosted in 2010 brought people together to set a Guinness World Record and brought the world's attention to the water and sanitation crisis.

Be inspired

Be an exhibitor

Host your own exhibition on the 19th of November!

Get inspired by the German Toilet Organizations "Where Would You Hide?"