Date(s) - 19/11/2015 - 24/11/2015
8 h 00 min - 12 h 00 min




World Toilet day 2015
This event was held in Digaale IDP on 19th November 2015. We Implemented community mobilization through facilitated participatory learning and action cycles with women groups to improve toilet use and hygiene, including using hand-washing with soap after the toilet. That was the main purpose to make this event of this year in Somali-land. It was very interesting and committed the mayor of Hargeisa, how to improve the sanitation of the town specially toilets. It was focusing the areas of needed to action, like IDPs and this was the bridge between the community and MCH health promotions int community. The mayor of Hargeisa Mr. Abdirahman Mohaoud Aidid has attended this event and took place very outstanding and displayed remarkable speech which was based on how to use the Toilet and proper hygiene and sanitation handwashing with soap after the toilet and figured out the importance of it.

We use tools and pictures down by local artists and Drama. The location was in the city of Somaliland Hargeisa specially Digaale IDP Village. these tools helping community raise awareness of their health. The event was organized WSSCC Member Somalia and Somaliland wash Activist.

Dr. Abdiwahab Abdi Jama Nakruma
WSSCC Member
Wash Activist
Hargeisa, Somaliland