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Date(s) - 19/11/2015 - 19/11/2021
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Flagstaff House


& The look at Ghana’s Waste Segregation & Recycling System.

The number of smart phones imported in 2015 is by far more than the trees planted this year and the toilets we need, combined. It is true that we all need to answer calls. And this includes the call of nature with “Basic Improved Clean Toilets”. By the UN standards, sanitation is a basic human right but having a toilet is not on our priority list. Globally one in three people do not have toilets. About one in five Ghanaians do it openly and even the cost of accessing a toilet in Accra has shot up by GhC 10peswas. Finally it is carried to Lavender hill. It means majority of us are part of the problem and we can be part of the solution.

From (1.our Schools our Communities 3.Hospitals & Markets 4.Homes & 5.Public Social Gatherings), the phones have taken over instead of toilets. Nevertheless, some institutions have taken steps with appropriate technology to get improved toilets. And this is the reason we are embarking on this expedition on this year’s 2015world toilet Day for the children to see how useful their waste can be, in our Kitchen as opposed to “Lavender Hill”, as an alternate form of energy that supports better nutrition and improves health.
The definition of sanitation includes provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and faeces. The forgotten foundations of health: water sanitation and hygiene seem to be over looked. If some schools and Hotels use our toilets as a source of energy to cook why are we not replicating it to promote and improve public health? Moreover we pay to dump untreated waste, cut trees for fuel without replacement and struggle to pay hospital bills when sick. Ghana recorded 993,600 tourists with corresponding value of 1.704 Billion US Dollars in 2012.(Page 49, Daily Graphic, 3rd April 2014)but the (1) Doctor to 9,700 Patient target ratio was not achieved for the country in 2012 when tourism revenue went up. The Doctor to Patient ratio is widening. And many improved toilets have been added to the already existing one?

We using this educational tour to show the sharp contrast between green institutions and call the rest to join the TOILET LIST. It is a list of people migrating to improved toilet facilities through their; {1 Institutions (places of work) 2.Community 3.Home 4.Places of worship & 5. All new buildings. Meanwhile, the new Leprosarium to be commissioned in Nkanchina on the 30th of January 2016 is having a biogas facility. Starting from the Ministries where waste segregation is ongoing so that others will follow their shining example, so long as we live the by-product of our existence will generates waste. With appropriate technology, the word Waste becomes Wealth Accumulated, Saving The Environment. As we start waste segregation in basic schools, the question now is, where do you work and how does your waste leave your compound? Join the Toilet List, Let’s Improve Together. We can make our community Beautiful like Holland and clean like Rwanda.

And the toilet list begins from Accra . 1.Flagstaff House (biogas) 2. Valley View University (biogas) 3.Fiesta Royal Hotel (biogas) 4. African Regent Hotel 5….let the list continue .pls contact us on [email protected]