Date(s) - 21/11/2015
0 h 00 min

Bandra West, Khar East, Kurla and Andheri


This World Toilet Day, Swachhalay, an initiative supporting the UN Sanitation Drive campaign, has developed a proposition wherein we will be stationing 4 stalls all over Mumbai, mainly near public toilets in slum localities (Bandra West, Khar East, Kurla and Andheri). These stalls will administer a range of different activities such as:

1. Distribution of Paper Soaps to the users of the toilet to promote cleanliness after using the toilet.

2. Volunteers will conduct a ‘Snakes and Ladders’ game, wherein unlike the usual game, the player represents a rural woman endeavoring to reach the toilet however she has to overcome daily hindrances that women in these circumstances face. This will appeal to the youth and will further promulgate the importance of sanitation.

3. Placement of garbage bins outside the toilets, to ensure the proper disposal of waste material (sponsored by our Municipal Corporation).

4. Representatives of each stall will discuss with pedestrians regarding their impediments while using the public toilet which will be noted down in order to ameliorate their future experience and promote proper toilet utility and sanitation.

5. Each stall will be equipped with a loudspeaker to play the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan Anthem”. This is intended to patronize the target audience.

6. Representatives will decorate public community toilets using graphic art and graffiti. This is aimed to make the toilet look more attractive to use and will spread awareness about sanitation and cleanliness.

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